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Date AddedTitleAuthor
04/19/2018 Tracker's canyon
Withers, Pam
04/18/2018 Not now, not ever
Anderson, Lily
04/18/2018 This darkness mine
McGinnis, Mindy
04/18/2018 Girl in a bad place
Ward, Kaitlin
04/18/2018 Select : book one
Weisenberg, Marit
04/18/2018 Candor
Bachorz, Pam
04/18/2018 I am Alfonso Jones
Medina, Tony
04/18/2018 A conspiracy of stars
Cole, Olivia A
04/18/2018 Keeper
Chance, Kim
04/18/2018 Layover
Andelson, Amy
04/18/2018 Rules of Rain
Scheier, Leah
04/18/2018 This is not a love letter
Purcell, Kim
04/18/2018 Monster
Grant, Michael
04/18/2018 A skinful of shadows
Hardinge, Frances
04/18/2018 Children of blood and bone
04/18/2018 Be more chill
Vizzini, Ned
04/18/2018 Eve
Carey, Anna
04/18/2018 Freed by flame and storm
Allen, Becky
04/18/2018 Love & other train wrecks
Konen, Leah
04/18/2018 Plague land
Scarrow, Alex
04/18/2018 You won't know I'm gone
Orlando, Kristen
04/18/2018 Three sides of a heart : stories about love triangles
04/18/2018 Batman & Superman world's finest The Silver Age. Volume two
Hamilton, Edmond
04/18/2018 American panda
Chao, Gloria
04/18/2018 Haste que el viento te devuelva la sonrisa
04/18/2018 Last star burning
Sangster, Caitlin
04/18/2018 Someone to love
De la Cruz, Melissa
04/18/2018 Paper butterflies
Heathfield, Lisa
04/18/2018 You'll miss me when I'm gone
Solomon, Rachel Lynn
04/18/2018 Nexus
Westerfeld, Scott
04/18/2018 Suspect red
Elliott, Laura
04/18/2018 Astonishing X-Men : Life of X
Soule, Charles
04/18/2018 Batman : super powers
Guggenheim, Marc
04/18/2018 Down and across
Ahmadi, Arvin
04/18/2018 A taxonomy of love : a novel
Allen, Rachael
04/18/2018 Sparrow
Moon, Sarah
04/18/2018 The Breaker
Forrest, Bella
04/18/2018 Bronx masquerade
Grimes, Nikki
04/18/2018 Freedom of the press
Hoover, Stephanie
04/18/2018 Shatter
Pike, Aprilynne
04/18/2018 What the night sings : a novel
Stamper, Vesper
04/18/2018 Your one & only
04/18/2018 The language of thorns : midnight tales and dangerous magic
Bardugo, Leigh
04/17/2018 The forgotten book
Gläser, Mechthild
04/17/2018 Turn it up!
Calonita, Jen
04/17/2018 The Wicker King
Ancrum, Kayla
04/17/2018 The big lie
Mayhew, Julie
04/17/2018 Losing Brave
Madison, Bailee
04/17/2018 Mockingjay [large print]
Collins, Suzanne
04/17/2018 Just friends
Sheldon, Dyan
04/17/2018 The last to let go
Smith, Amber
04/17/2018 Let's talk about love
Kann, Claire
04/17/2018 Rosemarked
Blackburne, Livia
04/17/2018 1493 for young people : from Columbus's voyage to globalization
Mann, Charles C
04/17/2018 Leviathan
Westerfeld, Scott
04/17/2018 All the wrong chords
Deriso, Christine Hurley
04/17/2018 A quiet kind of thunder
Barnard, Sara
04/17/2018 The tombs
Schaumberg, Deborah
04/17/2018 We all fall down
Richards, Natalie D
04/17/2018 Welcome home : an anthology on love and adoption
04/17/2018 Catching fire [large print]
Collins, Suzanne
04/17/2018 Harry Potter and the half-blood prince
Rowling, J K
04/17/2018 Invincible Iron Man : Ironheart. Vol. 1, Riri Williams
Bendis, Brian Michael
04/17/2018 Everless
Holland, Sara
04/16/2018 Dawn of the Arcana. Volume 01
Tōma, Rei
04/16/2018 Black bird. Vol. 01
Sakurakōji, Kanoko
04/13/2018 Something strange and deadly
Dennard, Susan
04/13/2018 Whirlwind
Liparulo, Robert
04/13/2018 The sorceress
Scott, Michael
04/13/2018 River of fire
Hunter, Erin
04/12/2018 Raven rise
MacHale, D J
04/11/2018 Pandora hearts. 01
Mochizuki, Jun
04/11/2018 Truly devious
Johnson, Maureen
04/11/2018 Us kids know
Strong, JJ
04/11/2018 A very, very bad thing
Self, Jeffery
04/11/2018 Uncanny
Gill, David Macinnis
04/11/2018 As the crow flies
04/09/2018 The hate u give
Thomas, Angie
04/09/2018 A land of permanent goodbyes
Abawi, Atia
04/09/2018 The restaurant at the end of the universe
Adams, Douglas
04/09/2018 The New Avengers : the complete collection. Vol. 6
Bendis, Brian Michael
04/09/2018 Buffy the vampire slayer : Season 11. Volume 2, One girl in all the world
Gage, Christos
04/09/2018 The incredible Hulk : future imperfect Volume 20, 1992-1994
David, Peter
04/06/2018 Foolish hearts
Mills, Emma
04/06/2018 The Knowing
Cameron, Sharon
04/06/2018 Honor among thieves
Caine, Rachel
04/06/2018 Fragments of the lost
Miranda, Megan
04/06/2018 Here, there, everywhere
Durango, Julia
04/06/2018 Batman : Nightwalker
Lu, Marie
04/06/2018 Eight days on planet Earth
Jordan, Cat
04/06/2018 The agony of Bun O'Keefe
Smith, Heather
04/06/2018 The cruel prince
Black, Holly
04/06/2018 Kat and Meg conquer the world
Priemaza, Anna
04/06/2018 36 questions that changed my mind about you
Grant, Vicki
04/06/2018 American heart
Moriarty, Laura
04/06/2018 Ever the brave
Summerill, Erin
04/06/2018 Far from the tree
Benway, Robin
04/06/2018 Glow
Bryant, Megan E
04/06/2018 Hit the ground running
Hughes, Alison
04/06/2018 Kids like us
Reyl, Hilary
04/06/2018 Good and gone
Blakemore, Megan Frazer
04/06/2018 Haunting the deep
Mather, Adriana
04/05/2018 The breathless
Goedjen, Tara
04/05/2018 Frankie
Plozza, Shivaun
04/05/2018 Zero day : a novel
Boone, Ezekiel
04/05/2018 Don't cosplay with my heart
Castellucci, Cecil
04/05/2018 Kiska : a novel
Smelcer, John E
04/05/2018 I like you like this : a novel
Cumiskey, Heather
04/05/2018 Tempests and slaughter : a Tortall legend
Pierce, Tamora
04/05/2018 Chronicles of Chrestomanci. Volume 2, The magicians of Caprona ; Witch week
Jones, Diana Wynne
04/05/2018 Back and deader than ever : a novel
Harrison, Lisi
04/05/2018 Teen Titans. Vol. 2, The rise of Aqualad
Percy, Benjamin
04/05/2018 Broken circle
Powers, J L
04/05/2018 The devils you know
Atwood, M C
04/05/2018 InuYasha. Volume 10
Takahashi, Rumiko
04/05/2018 Broken beautiful hearts
Garcia, Kami
04/05/2018 The chaos of standing still
Brody, Jessica
04/05/2018 Everlife
Showalter, Gena
04/05/2018 I never
Hopper, Laura
04/05/2018 Leven Thumps and the gateway to Foo
Skye, Obert
04/05/2018 Don't judge a girl by her cover
Carter, Ally
04/05/2018 Berserker
Laybourne, Emmy
04/05/2018 Brooding YA hero : becoming a main character (almost) as awesome as me
DiRisio, Carrie
04/05/2018 Freefall
Bellin, Joshua David
04/05/2018 Jaya and Rasa : a love story
Patel, Sonia
04/05/2018 Jek
Ross, Amy Danziger
04/05/2018 The light
MacHale, D J
04/04/2018 As you wish
Sedoti, Chelsea
04/03/2018 Teen Titans by Geoff Johns. Book two
Johns, Geoff
04/03/2018 Percy Jackson's Greek heroes
Riordan, Rick
04/03/2018 Run away with me
Gray, Mila
04/03/2018 Batman. Legacy. Volume two
04/03/2018 Batman, the golden age. Volume four
04/03/2018 An enchantment of ravens
Rogerson, Margaret
04/03/2018 Naondel
Turtschaninoff, Maria
03/29/2018 Miss Spitfire : reaching Helen Keller
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth
03/29/2018 Refuge for masterminds
Baldwin, Kathleen
03/29/2018 The Color Project
Abrams, Sierra
03/28/2018 Venomous
Krovatin, Christopher
03/28/2018 The backstagers. Volume one, Rebels without applause
Tynion, James
03/28/2018 The alchemyst : the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
Scott, Michael
03/27/2018 Thunderhead
Shusterman, Neal
03/27/2018 Broken prince
Watt, Erin
03/27/2018 Twisted palace
Watt, Erin
03/26/2018 Before I let go
Nijkamp, Marieke
03/26/2018 The dangerous art of blending in : a novel
Surmelis, Angelo
03/26/2018 The 57 bus
Slater, Dashka
03/26/2018 Chimera
Bell, C D
03/26/2018 Lies : a gone novel
Grant, Michael
03/26/2018 Rainbow boys
Sanchez, Alex
03/26/2018 X-Men gold. Vol. 3, Mojo worldwide
Guggenheim, Marc
03/26/2018 Mr. Higgins comes home
Mignola, Michael