New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
09/21/2017 Cinder
Meyer, Marissa
09/18/2017 The distance between us
Grande, Reyna
09/18/2017 Fruits basket. Volume 17-18
Takaya, Natsuki
09/15/2017 A boy worth knowing
Cosgrove, Jennifer
09/15/2017 Pokémon XY. 11
Kusaka, Hidenori
09/15/2017 Skip beat! Volume 39
Nakamura, Yoshiki
09/15/2017 Tokyo ghoul. Vol. 13
Ishida, Sui
09/15/2017 Tokyo ghoul. Vol. 11
Ishida, Sui
09/15/2017 Tokyo ghoul. Vol. 12
Ishida, Sui
09/15/2017 Yu-gi-oh! Arc-V. 2, Turbo duel!!
Takahashi, Kazuki
09/13/2017 The blood of Olympus
Riordan, Rick
09/13/2017 The son of Neptune
Riordan, Rick
09/13/2017 The mark of Athena
Riordan, Rick
09/13/2017 The house of Hades
Riordan, Rick
09/13/2017 Michael Vey : the final spark
Evans, Richard Paul
09/12/2017 Catching fire
Collins, Suzanne
09/07/2017 Sovereign
Daniels, April
09/06/2017 Tigerheart's shadow
Hunter, Erin
09/06/2017 Kiss of the rose princess. Vol. 9
Shouoto, Aya
09/05/2017 Teens and suicide
Cartlidge, Cherese
09/05/2017 Laverne Cox
09/05/2017 Sister, sister
Fortin, Sue
09/01/2017 Rise of the Evening Star
Mull, Brandon
09/01/2017 The women in the walls
Lukavics, Amy
08/30/2017 Yoga for you
Rissman, Rebecca
08/30/2017 Midnight at the Electric
Anderson, Jodi Lynn
08/30/2017 Not your sidekick
Lee, C B
08/30/2017 What to say next
Buxbaum, Julie
08/30/2017 The Merciless III : origins of evil
Vega, Danielle
08/30/2017 Star Wars. Moving target : a Princess Leia adventure
Castellucci, Cecil
08/30/2017 Ash and quill
Caine, Rachel
08/30/2017 The leaf reader
Arsenault, Emily
08/30/2017 Roar
Carmack, Cora
08/30/2017 Now I rise
White, Kiersten
08/30/2017 The savage dawn
Grey, Melissa
08/30/2017 A toaster on Mars
Pitt, Darrell
08/30/2017 The library of fates
Khorana, Aditi
08/30/2017 The Amazing Spider-Man : learning to crawl. Vol. 1.1
Slott, Dan
08/29/2017 The mists of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer
08/29/2017 Girl, stolen
Henry, April
08/29/2017 The new Teen Titans. Volume seven
Wolfman, Marv
08/29/2017 Teen Titans. Earth One. Volume two
Lemire, Jeff
08/29/2017 Fablehaven
Mull, Brandon
08/25/2017 Vietnam War
Murray, Stuart
08/25/2017 The Boneshaker
Milford, Kate
08/25/2017 Varsity's ultimate guide to cheerleading
08/24/2017 Boruto : Naruto next generations. Volume 1
Kodachi, Ukyo
08/23/2017 The Selection
Cass, Kiera
08/23/2017 The Elite
Cass, Kiera
08/23/2017 The Beatrice letters
Snicket, Lemony
08/23/2017 Keys to the demon prison
Mull, Brandon
08/23/2017 Strange the dreamer
Taylor, Laini
08/23/2017 Uncanny X-men : superior. Vol. 4, IVX
Bunn, Cullen
08/23/2017 Buffy the vampire slayer. Season 11. Volume 1, The spread of their evil
Gage, Christos