Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC)

Who is the FDIC?
Insures deposits in Banks & Thrifts. Monitors & addresses risks to the deposit insurance funds.

FDIC: Insured Deposits & Bank Find Info
How FDIC insures deposit. Is your bank insured?

FDIC: Consumer News & Information
Consumer Protection, News & Information & Complaints

FDIC: Bank Account Tips
Tips for protecting your bank accounts and money

Transaction Accounts

Checking Account FAQ
Checking Accounts

Overdraft & Bounced-Checked Fees

Deposit Accounts

Types of Savings Accounts & Insurance
Basic Savings Accounts

CD Tips
Certificates of Deposits (CDs)

Brokered CD vs Bank CD
Brokered CDs

MM Insured & Info
Money Market

Money Mutual Funds Accounts

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U.S. Banks info. address, telephone,corp. info,  website. Ratings
Ratings of banks, savings and loans, thrifts and  mutual funds.