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TeleCirc:  Access the Library Catalog With Your Telephone

TeleCirc is an Telephone Renewal and Notification system that is connected to the Timberland online Library Catalog.

You can call Telecirc by telephone 24 hours a day about:

  • Renewals - Renew items you have checked out
  • Holds - Hear a list of your holds and find out if holds are waiting for you to pick them up 
  • Hold Cancellations - Cancel holds that you no longer need - either filled or unfilled holds
  • Due Dates - Hear a list of items you have checked out and their due dates, including overdues

 TeleCirc calls you by telephone to notify you about:

  • Items that are being held for you and are ready to pick up
  • Items that are overdue.

How can I call TeleCirc?

You can call TeleCirc with a touch tone telephone. You need your library card number and PIN.

In the Olympia local calling area: 360-586-1599

Outside the Olympia local calling area: 1-800-582-9703

How does TeleCirc work?

When you call TeleCirc, it answers and asks you for your library card number. Enter the library card number on your telephone's keypad. Do not enter the "D".

TeleCirc then asks for your PIN which is usually the last 4 digits of your telephone number. Enter your PIN on your phone's keypad.

Telecirc tells you how many items you have checked out, how many overdues and amount of fines you owe. 

Then, you will hear a menu. Select the option you want:

  • For account options, press 2
    • For renewals, press 1
    • For holds, press 2
    • For account status, press 3
    • To hear a list of holds and loan items, press 4
    • To customize your recorded name, press 6
  • For renewals, press 5
  • For holds, press 6

At any time, you can return to the previous menu by pressing *.

TeleCirc May Be Calling You

You can receive either telephone (TeleCirc) or email notification about items on hold for you and overdue items.  The default notification method is Telecirc. 


  • When an item you have placed a hold on is ready for you to pick up, TeleCirc will call to tell you the item is waiting and where to pick it up.
  • If you no longer need an item that is waiting for you to pick up, you can call TeleCirc or your local library to cancel the hold.


  • When you have an overdue item, TeleCirc will call to remind you.
  • If you need to keep the overdue item longer, you can call TeleCirc or your local library to renew the item.

What does TeleCirc say?

TeleCirc will tell the person (or answering machine) who answers the name of the person with holds waiting or with overdue material. It will not give titles for either overdue material or holds waiting for pick up.

What if TeleCirc doesn't reach me?

If TeleCirc will try to call you by telephone for three days.  If Telecirc cannot reach you or leave a message on your answering machine, the hold or overdue notice will be printed and mailed to you.

Why does TeleCirc repeat its message on my answering machine?

We want to be sure you are notified about your holds and overdues so TeleCirc repeats its message. Depending on the length of your answering machine message, you may hear the Telecirc message start in the middle of a sentence. If the message isn't clear, or you need more information (such as titles) you may call TeleCirc back.

Why does the TeleCirc voice sound funny?

TeleCirc has a synthesized voice, which enables it to pronounce words in the titles of library materials and patron's names.

TeleCirc sometimes has difficulty pronouncing names. If you would like to record your own name for Telecirc to use, call Telecirc and enter 6 on the menu.

What about the confidentiality of my library record?

We make every effort to assure the privacy of each patron. TeleCirc is no exception. TeleCirc does not reveal the titles of your library materials to anyone but you.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number -- a number that insures confidentiality of your library card record. The last 4 digits of your phone number is your PIN, unless you choose another one. Talk to the staff at any library to change your PIN.

More Questions?

If you have questions about TeleCirc or prefer to talk to library staff, please call your local library or Ask A Librarian at 704-INFO (360-704-4636) or 1-800-562-6022.

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704-INFO (360.704.4636) in the Olympia area or 1.800.562.6022
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