Reaching Out to Youth in Our Community

  • We know - that reading boosts kids' school performance in all subject areas.
  • We know - that hearing stories sparks little ones' learning and love of language.
  • And we know - that libraries have lots of books for kids to read and hear.
  • But - parents work.  Weekends are busy.  So - there's "a disconnect" between children and books.

Would you like to bring books to your youth group?

Timberland Regional Library's Connect! Children and Books program wants to make it easy for you to share books with the children you serve. Timberland lends boxes of children or teen books to locations such as apartment complexes, health care agencies, community centers and after-school programs. Request a Connect Box today!

Each box contains an assortment of between 50-70 children's stories and informational paperbacks chosen to appeal to children and teens. The program is designed to serve 4 broad age ranges and a multicultural population:

  • Early Learners - Children from Birth through Grade 2

  • Early Learner - Bilingual, with books in English and Spanish

  • Youth - Preschoolers through Grade 5

  • Teens - Middle and High School teens

Pick-up is easy - when you receive a call that your box of books is ready, you may stop by your Timberland Library to pick it up!

Your site may keep a box for up to 8 weeks. If you already have a Connect box and are ready to exchange it for a new one, call your local library or fill out an online form.

For more information, contact:

Youth Services at