The Imagine Academy offers technology courses on three levels:

  • Basic digital literacy skills
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Advanced skills for IT Professionals

TRL offers free access to the Microsoft Imagine Academy for all Timberland patrons through a collaboration between Washington libraries, Microsoft, the Washington State Library, Office of Secretary of State and the Washington State Legislature.

New to Computers?

Start with the Digital Literacy classes. Learn the basics about using computers, email and the Internet. You don't need to enroll for Digital Literacy - just take the classes.

Microsoft Imagine Academy E-Learning Curriculum

To access the full Imagine Academy E-Learning Curriculum you need a Microsoft account and to enroll in the Imagine Academy.

First Time Users

Enroll in the Imagine Academy 

If you have an email address ending with,, or, you can sign in using your email address and password.

If your email account is with another provider such as Gmail or Yahoo!, you can create a new Microsoft Imagine Academy account using your existing email address as your username. Find "Don't have a Microsoft account?" and click "Sign up now."

If you don't have an email account, find "Don't have a Microsoft account?" and click "Sign up now." Follow the instructions to create a new Microsoft email account.

Returning Users

Sign into the Imagine Academy