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My Ántonia

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Kickoff:  April 23, noon to 1 pm.  Reading aloud of My Ántonia.

RACOGALU: Bohemian Music Ensemble

  • May 5, 1-2 pm, Naselle Library
  • May 8, 2-3 pm, Hoodsport Library
  • May 10, 6-7:30 pm, Tenino Library
  • May 11, 7-8 pm, Westport Library
  • May 17, 7-10 pm, Washington Center for the Performing Arts, 512 Washington St. SE, Olympia (combined performance Betty Jean Steinshouer)
  • May 18, 5-6 pm, Yelm Library

Gene Sadowsky “Little Bohemian Band”

  • May 6, 3-5 pm, Hoquiam Library
  • May 7, 6-8 pm, Tumwater Library
  • May 8, 6-7:30 pm, Peninsula Senior Activity Center, 21603 Pacific Hwy, Ocean Park (Location map)
  • May 9, 7-9 pm, Hope Grange, 120 Antrim Road, Winlock (Location map)
  • May 10, 7-9 pm, McCleary Community Center, 726 W. Simpson, McCleary (Location map)

Betty Jean Steinshouer “Willa Cather Speaks”

  • May 14, 7-9 pm, Evergreen Playhouse, 226 W Center Street, Centralia (Location map)
  • May 15, 7-9 pm, Aberdeen Museum of History, 111 E 3rd Street, Aberdeen (Location map)
  • May 16, 7-9 pm, North Mason Library
  • May 17, 7-10 pm, Washington Center for the Performing Arts, 512 Washington St. SE, Olympia (combined performance RACOGALU)

Book-It Repertory Theater “My Ántonia

  • May 20, 2-4 pm, Hannan Playhouse, 518 8th Street, Raymond (Location map)
  • May 21, 7-9 pm, Lacey Library
  • May 22, 7-9 pm, Salkum Library
  • May 23, 6-8 pm, Shelton Library
  • May 24, 6-8 pm, Hoquiam Library

About the Performers

Betty Jean Steinshouer
Betty Jean Steinshouer will appear in the character of Willa Cather, complete with period costume, presenting "Willa Cather Speaks: The Making of My Ántonia" will utilize Steinshouer's 25+ years of research on the book that Cather once said she was "destined to write." Steinshouer has met some of the real people of whom Cather wrote in the book, including Carrie Miner Sherwood, who was Frances Harling, and Leo Pavelka, one of Antonia's sons, whose real first name Cather used in the book. Steinshouer has also studied the early version of My Ántonia and will be able to share her perspective as a scholar on why Cather changed it as she did between the original and subsequent editions. She has toured in other states where My Ántonia was used as part of One State, One Book, including Cather’s home state of Nebraska in 2005. Recalling that she went to Nebraska three times that year to present "The Making of My Ántonia" Steinshouer said in a telephone interview from her office in Lake Alfred, Florida, “It’s very exciting when everyone reads the same book. I have never had such well-read and eager audiences.”  Willa Cather is Steinshouer's most seasoned character, with more than 3,000 performances of the classic author in 36 states since 1988.

Photo of Betty Jean Steinshouer

Book-It Repertory Theatre
Literature comes to life in the capable hands of this Seattle-based theater company.  Book-It adapts short stories and novels for the stage, creating a form of narrative theater that has to be seen to be believed. Book-It’s productions use very little scenery and almost no costumes or props. Instead, the company plays on our imaginations to bring narrative pieces to life.  
Photo of Book-It Repertory Theatre
RACOGALU: Bohemian Music Ensemble
Professional musicians interpret the rich folk and classical traditions of Bohemian music, performing songs and melodies that could be heard over a century ago in settlers’ homes and evoking an era when a variety of musical styles arrived on America’s prairies.

The Olympia-based ensemble, “RACOGALU” includes Barbara Collins, violin and vocals; Jef Ramsey, guitar and mandolin; Lorree Gardener, bass and vocals; and Steven Luceno, vibe. Collins researched Bohemian composers and themes and developed this program especially for Timberland Reads Together.

Little Bohemian Band
Little Bohemian Band will present an evening “on the town” as portrayed in the scenes from My Ántonia with the whole community getting together on Saturdays.  Gene Sadowsky is renowned for his polka music in particular.  He and the Little Bohemian Band entertain many with polkas, waltzes, the 2-step, swing, Dixieland, county, and Latin numbers.  Like the Saturdays in town in My Ántonia, many cultural traditions are presented, blended, celebrated, tarnished and exalted all at the same time.
Photo of Little Bohemian Band

This event is part of The Big Read, an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Arts Midwest.

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