New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
11/15/2017 My dad loves me, my dad has a disease : a child's view, living with addiction
Black, Claudia
11/15/2017 Lifetimes : a beautiful way to explain death to children
Mellonie, Bryan
11/09/2017 The history of hip hop
Cornish, Melanie J
11/09/2017 Classic bedtime stories
11/08/2017 Sisters
Telgemeier, Raina
11/07/2017 Garfield fat cat 3-pack. Volume 04 [colorized]
Davis, Jim
11/03/2017 Phoebe and her unicorn
Simpson, Dana
11/03/2017 The LEGO book
Lipkowitz, Daniel
10/31/2017 Turtle
Freeman, Debby
10/25/2017 Garfield hits the big time [colorized]
Davis, Jim
10/25/2017 Garfield brings home the bacon
Davis, Jim
10/20/2017 The lemonade stand cookbook : step-by-step recipes and crafts for kids to make--and sell!
Strahs, Kathy
10/20/2017 Evie's fashion book
McLeef, Tina
10/20/2017 Ballet dancer
Regan, Lisa
10/20/2017 LEGO Star Wars : the visual dictionary
Beecroft, Simon
10/19/2017 The school of music
Bowen, Meurig
10/19/2017 Think and make like an artist
Boldt, Claudia
10/19/2017 The moon
Knight, M J
10/19/2017 Hands are not for hitting
Agassi, Martine
10/19/2017 Sharks and other sea creatures
10/19/2017 Easy origami decorations : an augmented reality crafting experience
Harbo, Christopher L
10/19/2017 Garfield fat cat 3-pack. Volume 02 [colorized]
Davis, Jim
10/19/2017 Mini science fun
Felix, Rebecca
10/19/2017 A new school year : stories in six voices
Derby, Sally
10/19/2017 Welcome to my house : a collection of first words
Stella, Gaia
10/19/2017 Out of the box
Westing, Jemma
10/19/2017 The Schuyler sisters
Davies, Monika
10/19/2017 Shark lady : the true story of how Eugenie Clark became the ocean's most fearless scientist
Keating, Jess