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04/17/2018 A world of cookies for Santa : follow Santa's Tasty Trip Around the World
Furman, M E
04/17/2018 Before Columbus : the Americas of 1491
Mann, Charles C
04/11/2018 A brave big sister
04/09/2018 The watcher
Grimes, Nikki
04/06/2018 Mr. Crum's potato predicament
Renaud, Anne
04/06/2018 The night before Christmas
Moore, Clement Clarke
04/05/2018 Pop-up Shakespeare
04/04/2018 Women in science
Green, Jen
04/03/2018 Adventure cat! : and more true stories of amazing cats!
Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner
04/03/2018 Step-by-step draw caricaturesCaricatures
Antram, David
03/30/2018 The steadfast tin soldier
Seidler, Tor
03/29/2018 I am Sacagawea
Meltzer, Brad
03/28/2018 The Captain Underpants extra-crunchy book o' fun
Pilkey, Dav
03/28/2018 My life in dog years
Paulsen, Gary
03/27/2018 Albania
Mara, Wil
03/27/2018 Iraq
Yomtov, Nelson
03/27/2018 Glacier
Mattern, Joanne
03/27/2018 Grand Teton
Gregory, Josh
03/27/2018 Georgia
Yomtov, Nelson
03/27/2018 Mississippi
Zeiger, Jennifer
03/27/2018 Fearless flyers, dazzle painters, and code talkers! : World War I
Dennis, Elizabeth
03/27/2018 North Carolina
Squire, Ann
03/27/2018 Wisconsin
Franchino, Vicky
03/27/2018 Shaking things up : 14 young women who changed the world
Hood, Susan
03/27/2018 Rock stars! : true stories of extreme climbing adventures!
Bramucci, Stephen
03/27/2018 Afghanistan
Bjorklund, Ruth
03/27/2018 Czech Republic
Rogers Seavey, Lura
03/27/2018 Wales
Sonneborn, Liz
03/27/2018 Alabama
Kittinger, Jo S
03/27/2018 Connecticut
Burgan, Michael
03/27/2018 Indiana
Orr, Tamra
03/27/2018 Nevada
Gregory, Josh
03/27/2018 Peru
Burgan, Michael
03/27/2018 Virginia
Hackett, Jennifer
03/27/2018 Washington, D.C.
Kellaher, Karen
03/27/2018 Acadia
Wallace, Audra
03/27/2018 Olympic
Wallace, Audra
03/27/2018 Kentucky
Zeiger, Jennifer
03/27/2018 Maine
Doak, Robin S
03/27/2018 Oklahoma
Orr, Tamra
03/26/2018 A lady has the floor : Belva Lockwood speaks out for women's rights
Hannigan, Kate
03/26/2018 Women who dared : 52 stories of fearless daredevils, adventurers, & rebels
Skeers, Linda
03/26/2018 A girl named Rosa : the true story of Rosa Parks
Patrick, Denise Lewis
03/26/2018 Girl running : Bobbi Gibb and the Boston Marathon
Pimentel, Annette Bay
03/26/2018 Gloria's voice : the story of Gloria Steinem -- feminist, activist, leader
Lewis, Aura
03/26/2018 Meet me at the well : the girls and women of the Bible
Yolen, Jane
03/26/2018 Who was Ernest Shackleton?
Buckley, James
03/26/2018 A girl named Hillary : the true story of Hillary D.R. Clinton
Paley, Rebecca
03/26/2018 Shaking things up : 14 young women who changed the world
Hood, Susan
03/26/2018 Look! : a child's guide to Advent and Christmas
Alary, Laura