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04/24/2018 On beyond zebra
04/24/2018 The night before the night before Christmas!
Scarry, Richard
04/23/2018 Whose knees are these?
Asim, Jabari
04/19/2018 Chirri & Chirra : the snowy day
Doi, Kaya
04/18/2018 Babybug.
04/18/2018 The Petes go marching
Dean, James
04/18/2018 Llama Llama loses a tooth
Dewdney, Anna
04/18/2018 Max's half birthday
Wells, Rosemary
04/18/2018 Duck! Rabbit!
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
04/18/2018 Fancy Nancy. Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!
O'Connor, Jane
04/17/2018 !Estamos en un libro!
Willems, Mo
04/17/2018 Alfie : (the turtle that disappeared)
Heder, Thyra
04/17/2018 The best Sukkot pumpkin ever
Steinberg, Laya
04/17/2018 Bye bye big
MacDonald, Margaret Read
04/17/2018 El tigre que vino a tomar el té
Kerr, Judith
04/17/2018 Good night, reindeer
Brennan-Nelson, Denise
04/17/2018 I love cats!
Stainton, Sue
04/17/2018 Babybug.
04/17/2018 Dear Girl
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
04/17/2018 Fox and the bike ride
Tabor, Corey R
04/17/2018 Goldenlocks and the three pirates
Prince, April Jones
04/17/2018 The twelve days of Christmas
Twelve days of Christmas (English folk song)
04/17/2018 The great pasta escape
Paul, Miranda
04/17/2018 All aboard! Let's ride a train [board book]
Mara, Nichole
04/17/2018 Giant pants
Fearing, Mark
04/17/2018 Go go gorillas : a romping bedtime tale
Wensink, Patrick
04/17/2018 Tricky
Rust, Kari
04/17/2018 Hey Black child
Perkins, Useni Eugene
04/17/2018 I hug
McPhail, David
04/17/2018 City moon
Cole, Rachael
04/17/2018 Federica
Ritchie, Scot
04/17/2018 The tigon and the liger
Swift, Keilly
04/17/2018 'Twas the evening of Christmas
Nellist, Glenys
04/17/2018 Way too many latkes : a Hanukkah in Chelm
Glaser, Linda
04/17/2018 Snappsy the alligator and his best friend forever! (probably)
Falatko, Julie
04/17/2018 Betty's burgled bakery : an alliteration adventure
Nichols, Travis
04/17/2018 Days with Dad
Hong, Nari
04/17/2018 Finding Christmas
Evans, Lezlie
04/17/2018 Flora and the ostrich : an opposites book [board book]
Idle, Molly Schaar
04/17/2018 What George forgot
Wolff, Kathy
04/17/2018 Good day, good night
Brown, Margaret Wise
04/17/2018 Baby cakes
Heras, Theo
04/17/2018 A birthday party for Jesus : God gave us Christmas to celebrate his birth
04/17/2018 Book or bell?
Barton, Chris
04/17/2018 Draw the line
Otoshi, Kathryn
04/17/2018 The extra special baby : the story of the Christmas promise
Woodward, Antonia
04/17/2018 There's a monster in your book
Fletcher, Tom
04/17/2018 The tickle test
White, Kathryn
04/17/2018 Trucks galore
Stein, Peter
04/17/2018 Valensteins : a love story
Long, Ethan
04/17/2018 I see a cat
Meisel, Paul
04/17/2018 The bear who didn't want to miss Christmas
Tibi, Marie
04/17/2018 Behowl the moon : an ageless story from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" [board book]
04/17/2018 Can't catch me!
Knapman, Timothy
04/17/2018 Wild! colors [board book]
Dicmas, Courtney
04/17/2018 Happy face, sad face [board book]
Cotter, Bill
04/17/2018 101 dinosaurs : and other prehistoric reptiles [board book]
Prince, April Jones
04/17/2018 Bumpety, dunkety, thumpety-thump
Going, K L
04/17/2018 Frank the seven-legged spider
Razi, Michaele
04/17/2018 This is a good story
Lehrhaupt, Adam
04/17/2018 When the moon comes
Harbridge, Paul
04/17/2018 The world shines for you [board book]
Burton, Jeffrey
04/17/2018 Good night, baby moon : a bedtime tale about the moon
Mitchem, James
04/17/2018 Grandmother Thorn
Howes, Katey
04/17/2018 Hedgehugs : autumn hide-and-squeak
Wilson, Steve
04/17/2018 I want that nut!
Valentine, Madeline
04/11/2018 Border collies
Sabelko, Rebecca
04/11/2018 Buster and the baby
Hest, Amy
04/11/2018 Babybug.
04/11/2018 Happy Halloween!
Berenstain, Stan
04/11/2018 Sleep well Siba & Saba
Isdahl, Nansubuga Nagadya
04/11/2018 Waiting for Goliath
Damm, Antje
04/11/2018 Bernese mountain dogs
Sabelko, Rebecca
04/11/2018 Cavalier King Charles spaniels
Polinsky, Paige V
04/11/2018 The sun played hide-and-seek : a personification story
Cleary, Brian P
04/10/2018 Termites
Perish, Patrick
04/10/2018 Ambulances
Bowman, Chris
04/10/2018 Mosquitoes
Perish, Patrick
04/10/2018 Memorial Day
Koestler-Grack, Rachel A
04/10/2018 Race cars
Bowman, Chris
04/10/2018 Summer
Pettiford, Rebecca
04/10/2018 Winter
Pettiford, Rebecca
04/10/2018 Milkweed bugs
Perish, Patrick
04/10/2018 Spring
Pettiford, Rebecca
04/10/2018 A small blue whale
Ferry, Beth
04/10/2018 Fall
Pettiford, Rebecca
04/10/2018 Motorcycles
Bowman, Chris
04/10/2018 Pickup trucks
Bowman, Chris
04/10/2018 Basset hounds
Polinsky, Paige V
04/10/2018 Moths
Perish, Patrick
04/09/2018 Ghost cat
Bunting, Eve
04/09/2018 The little reindeer
Killen, Nicola
04/09/2018 Not friends
Bender, Rebecca
04/09/2018 The Nutcracker in Harlem
McMorrow, T E
04/09/2018 Nurses
Leaf, Christina
04/09/2018 Sheep
Leighton, Christina
04/09/2018 Malaika's winter carnival
Hohn, Nadia L
04/09/2018 Me and Mr. Fluffernutter
Olson, Jennifer Gray
04/09/2018 Merry Christmas, Peanut!
Border, Terry
04/09/2018 Morris wants more
Seigal, Joshua
04/09/2018 Naughty Claudine's Christmas
Jennings, Patrick
04/09/2018 Little Santa
04/09/2018 The message of the birds
Westerlund, Kate
04/09/2018 Ninja Claus!
Chung, Arree
04/09/2018 On the night of the shooting star
Hest, Amy
04/09/2018 Three balls of wool (can change the world)
Cristina, Henriqueta
04/09/2018 Ducks
Schuetz, Kari
04/09/2018 Police officers
Leaf, Christina
04/09/2018 Captain Bling's Christmas plunder
Colby, Rebecca
04/09/2018 Santa, please bring me a gnome
Swerts, An
04/09/2018 King of the sky
Davies, Nicola
04/09/2018 Zog and the flying doctors
Donaldson, Julia
04/09/2018 Doctors
Leaf, Christina
04/09/2018 The glassmaker's daughter
Hofmeyr, Dianne
04/09/2018 Lovely
Hong, Jess
04/09/2018 A night out with Mama
Wallis, Quvenzhané
04/09/2018 Firefighters
Bowman, Chris
04/09/2018 The only lonely panda
Lambert, Jonny
04/09/2018 I wrote you a note
Boyd, Lizi
04/09/2018 Jingle bells
Jeffers, Susan
04/09/2018 Let the children march
Clark-Robinson, Monica
04/09/2018 Windows
Denos, Julia
04/09/2018 Mail carriers
Leaf, Christina
04/09/2018 Veterinarians
Leaf, Christina
04/09/2018 K is for kindergarten
Dealey, Erin
04/09/2018 Odd one out
Chaperon, Danielle
04/09/2018 Pup and bear
Banks, Kate
04/09/2018 Rock-a-bye baby
Cabrera, Jane
04/09/2018 I am bat
Hood, Morag
04/09/2018 No water no bread
Amavisca, Luis
04/09/2018 Nobody's duck
Sullivan, Mary
04/09/2018 Santa Rex
Idle, Molly Schaar
04/09/2018 Where, oh where, is Baby Bear?
Wolff, Ashley
04/09/2018 Esteban de Luna, baby rescuer! = Esteban de Luna, ¡rescatador de bebés!
04/09/2018 Main Street magic : more than 30 lift-the-flaps & pop-ups!
Arrhenius, Ingela P
04/09/2018 The one day house
Durango, Julia
04/09/2018 Waltz of the snowflakes
Mackay, Elly
04/09/2018 Goats
Leighton, Christina
04/09/2018 Horses
Leighton, Christina
04/09/2018 Teachers
Leaf, Christina
04/09/2018 La siesta perfecta
Mena, Pato
04/09/2018 Chickens
Schuetz, Kari
04/09/2018 Cows
Schuetz, Kari
04/09/2018 Pigs
Leighton, Christina
04/09/2018 Turkeys
Schuetz, Kari
04/09/2018 Molly & Mae
Parker, Danny
04/09/2018 Queen of the Hanukkah dosas
Ehrenberg, Pamela
04/07/2018 Babybug.
04/06/2018 No honking allowed!
Calmenson, Stephanie
04/06/2018 Look for Ladybug in Plant City
Manolessou, Katherina
04/06/2018 Dentists
Schuh, Mari C
04/06/2018 It's Christmas!
Corderoy, Tracey
04/06/2018 My grandpa's chair
Pak, Jiyeon
04/06/2018 One piece of string [board book].
Jocelyn, Marthe
04/06/2018 One red button [board book].
Jocelyn, Marthe
04/06/2018 Pine & Boof : the lucky leaf
Burach, Ross
04/06/2018 The pomegranate witch
Doyen, Denise
04/06/2018 Mrs. Peanuckle's vegetable alphabet [board book].
04/06/2018 No one else like you
Goeminne, Siska
04/06/2018 Philomena's new glasses
Maloney, Brenna 2017
04/06/2018 I won't eat that
Neal, Christopher Silas
04/06/2018 Miguel and the grand harmony
de la Peña, Matt
04/06/2018 My first book of patterns [board book].
George, Bobby
04/06/2018 Read the book, lemmings!
Dyckman, Ame
04/06/2018 Samson, the mighty flea!
McAllister, Angela
04/06/2018 Babybug.
04/06/2018 Construction workers
Bowman, Chris
04/06/2018 Little face, big face [board book].
Cotter, Bill
04/06/2018 Love, Triangle
Colleen, Marcie
04/06/2018 My new big-kid bed
Bertram, Debbie
04/06/2018 Bus drivers
Schuh, Mari C
04/06/2018 Ira Crumb makes a pretty good friend
Hrab, Naseem
04/06/2018 The library book
Chapin, Tom
04/06/2018 Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas!
Friedman, Laurie B
04/06/2018 Pig the winner
Blabey, Aaron
04/06/2018 Pizza mouse
04/06/2018 The princess and the Christmas rescue
Hart, Caryl
04/05/2018 River otters
Rathburn, Betsy
04/05/2018 Smelling
Owings, Lisa
04/05/2018 Dinotrux
Gall, Chris
04/05/2018 Babybug.
04/05/2018 Chicken in the kitchen
Okorafor, Nnedi
04/05/2018 One little goat
Dubosarsky, Ursula
04/05/2018 Angelfish
Sommer, Nathan
04/05/2018 Squids
Sommer, Nathan
04/05/2018 Touching
Owings, Lisa
04/05/2018 Moonbear's shadow
Asch, Frank
04/05/2018 Blue jays
Rathburn, Betsy
04/05/2018 Eels
Sommer, Nathan
04/05/2018 Hearing
Owings, Lisa
04/05/2018 Seeing
Owings, Lisa
04/05/2018 Wolverines
Rathburn, Betsy
04/05/2018 Hooray for fish!
Cousins, Lucy
04/05/2018 Opossums
Rathburn, Betsy
04/05/2018 Sea otters
Sommer, Nathan
04/05/2018 Tasting
Owings, Lisa
04/05/2018 Kate, who tamed the wind
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton
04/04/2018 Space heroes
Dolan, Hannah
04/04/2018 Marigold Fairy makes a friend
Dennis, Elizabeth
04/04/2018 Miffy can help!
Bruna, Dick
04/04/2018 Mouse loves spring
Thompson, Lauren
04/04/2018 Snoopy and Woodstock : best friends forever!
Schulz, Charles M
04/03/2018 Owl bat, bat owl
Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise
04/03/2018 Sam & Eva
Ohi, Debbie Ridpath
04/03/2018 Plume
Simler, Isabelle
04/02/2018 The Kissing hand
Penn, Audrey
04/02/2018 On a magical do-nothing day
Alemagna, Béatrice
03/29/2018 Construction
Sutton, Sally
03/29/2018 Ernest, the moose who doesn't fit
Rayner, Catherine
03/29/2018 Pug & Pig trick-or-treat
Gallion, Sue Lowell
03/29/2018 The bad seed
John, Jory
03/28/2018 You hold me up
Gray Smith, Monique
03/28/2018 Fire truck to the rescue!
Sander, Sonia
03/28/2018 Princess Super Kitty
Portis, Antoinette
03/27/2018 Pirate Pete's talk like a pirate
Kennedy, Kim
03/26/2018 I spy spooky night : a book of picture riddles
Wick, Walter
03/26/2018 Juliet saves the day!
Dingee, A E
03/26/2018 Whose toes are those?
Asim, Jabari