New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
06/14/2018 The 12 days of Christmas
Pizzoli, Greg
06/14/2018 Charlie & Mouse & Grumpy
Snyder, Laurel
06/14/2018 A Christmas for Bear
Becker, Bonny
06/14/2018 The bad mood and the stick
Snicket, Lemony
06/13/2018 P Is for Potty!
Cooper, Lena
06/13/2018 My cat needs me [board book]
Cottrell, Jane
06/13/2018 So far up [board book]
Strasser, Susanne
06/06/2018 Goodnight moon
Brown, Margaret Wise
06/01/2018 The tooth book
06/01/2018 Peter's chair
Keats, Ezra Jack
05/31/2018 Big snowman, little snowman
Rabe, Tish
05/30/2018 Yertle the turtle and other stories
05/30/2018 Quack shack
Ziefert, Harriet
05/30/2018 Dragon's fat cat : Dragon's fourth tale
Pilkey, Dav
05/30/2018 Migloo's day
Bee, William
05/30/2018 Wet pet
Ziefert, Harriet
05/30/2018 Come and dance, wicked witch
Kraan, Hanna
05/29/2018 Press here
Tullet, Hervé
05/29/2018 Ollie
Dunrea, Olivier
05/29/2018 Ollie the Stomper
Dunrea, Olivier
05/29/2018 Pete the Cat : Valentine's Day is cool
Dean, James
05/29/2018 Richard Scarry's cars and trucks and things that go
Scarry, Richard
05/29/2018 There's a wocket in my pocket!
05/29/2018 Snow
Rylant, Cynthia
05/29/2018 I can help!
Anderson, Peggy Perry
05/29/2018 Cats
Galat, Joan Marie
05/29/2018 Scrambled eggs super!
05/29/2018 Fancy Nancy and the mermaid ballet
O'Connor, Jane
05/29/2018 A pocket for Corduroy
Freeman, Don
05/29/2018 Oh say can you say?
05/29/2018 The snowy day
Keats, Ezra Jack
05/29/2018 On beyond zebra
05/29/2018 The rainbow fish
Pfister, Marcus
05/29/2018 Oh, the places you'll go!
05/29/2018 Big Dog and Little Dog wearing sweaters
Pilkey, Dav
05/25/2018 Little Blue Truck leads the way
Schertle, Alice
05/25/2018 The lumberjack's beard
Beedie, Duncan
05/25/2018 Horton hears a Who!
05/25/2018 Llama Llama, wakey-wake [board book]
Dewdney, Anna
05/25/2018 Hooray for books!
Won, Brian
05/25/2018 McElligot's pool
05/25/2018 Batman has a plan
Gallo, Tina
05/24/2018 Shanyaak'utlaax̲
05/24/2018 What every child needs to know about cancer [board book]
Snyder, R Bradley
05/24/2018 My first baby signs
Conigliaro, Phil
05/23/2018 The tale of Peter Rabbit : and other stories [sound recording]
Potter, Beatrix
05/22/2018 Why mosquitoes buzz in people's ears : a West African tale
Aardema, Verna
05/22/2018 The rooster crows : a book of American rhymes and jingles
Petersham, Maud
05/22/2018 Once a mouse... : a fable cut in wood
Brown, Marcia
05/22/2018 Grandfather's journey
Say, Allen
05/22/2018 The eye book
05/22/2018 My many colored days
05/22/2018 The house in the night
Swanson, Susan Marie
05/22/2018 A ball for Daisy
Raschka, Christopher
05/22/2018 This is not my hat
Klassen, Jon
05/22/2018 Big Dog and Little Dog getting in trouble
Pilkey, Dav
05/22/2018 Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?
05/22/2018 Drummer Hoff
Emberley, Barbara
05/22/2018 The little island
MacDonald, Golden
05/22/2018 Nine days to Christmas
Ets, Marie Hall
05/22/2018 Happy birthday to you!
05/22/2018 Hop on Pop
05/22/2018 Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories
05/22/2018 The girl who loved wild horses
Goble, Paul
05/22/2018 I had trouble in getting to Solla Sollew
05/22/2018 A sick day for Amos McGee
Stead, Philip Christian
05/22/2018 One fine day
Hogrogian, Nonny
05/22/2018 Horton hatches the egg
05/22/2018 Many moons
Thurber, James
05/22/2018 Smoky night
Bunting, Eve
05/22/2018 If you give a pig a party
Numeroff, Laura Joffe
05/22/2018 Dr. Seuss's book of colors.
05/22/2018 The snowy day
Keats, Ezra Jack
05/22/2018 The king's stilts
05/22/2018 Ox-cart man
Hall, Donald
05/22/2018 The glorious flight : across the Channel with Louis Bleriot, July 25, 1909
Provensen, Alice
05/22/2018 Owl moon
Yolen, Jane
05/22/2018 Daisy-head Mayzie
05/22/2018 Officer Buckle and Gloria
Rathmann, Peggy
05/22/2018 Hooper Humperdink--? Not him!
05/22/2018 Duck! Rabbit!
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
05/22/2018 Mix it up!
Tullet, Hervé
05/22/2018 The fool of the world and the flying ship : a Russian tale
Ransome, Arthur
05/22/2018 If I ran the circus
05/22/2018 Fox in socks
05/22/2018 Time of wonder
McCloskey, Robert
05/22/2018 A tree is nice
Udry, Janice May
05/22/2018 Jumanji
Van Allsburg, Chris
05/22/2018 The big snow
Hader, Berta
05/22/2018 Sylvester and the magic pebble
Steig, William
05/22/2018 The hello, goodbye window
Juster, Norton
05/22/2018 The adventures of Beekle : the unimaginary friend
Santat, Dan
05/22/2018 The Lorax
05/22/2018 Noah's ark
Spier, Peter
05/22/2018 Sam, bangs and moonshine
Ness, Evaline
05/22/2018 May I bring a friend?
De Regniers, Beatrice Schenk
05/22/2018 Katy and the big snow
Burton, Virginia Lee
05/22/2018 Where the wild things are
Sendak, Maurice
05/22/2018 Joseph had a little overcoat
Taback, Simms
05/22/2018 My friend Rabbit
Rohmann, Eric
05/21/2018 Let's meet a dentist
Heos, Bridget
05/21/2018 Big Dog and Little Dog : making a mistake
Pilkey, Dav
05/21/2018 Hooray for fish!
Cousins, Lucy
05/21/2018 Not quite narwhal
05/21/2018 Dewey : there's a cat in the library!
Myron, Vicki
05/21/2018 Peedie
Dunrea, Olivier
05/18/2018 Mi gato es gordo = My cat is fat
Streza, Katrina
05/18/2018 Dinotrux
Gall, Chris
05/18/2018 The traffic tie-up
Barton, Chris
05/18/2018 On the farm
Barton, Chris
05/18/2018 Trolley ride!
Spinner, Cala