New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
11/14/2017 Grave consequences [large print]
Thurlo, David
11/14/2017 Origin [large print] : a novel
Brown, Dan
11/14/2017 How the finch stole Christmas! [large print] : a Meg Langslow mystery
Andrews, Donna
11/14/2017 House broken [large print]
Yoerg, Sonja Ingrid
11/14/2017 An Amish Christmas love [large print] : four novellas
Wiseman, Beth
11/14/2017 A Cherry Cola Christmas [large print]
Lee, Ashton
11/14/2017 The gift of Christmas past [large print] : a southern romance
Woodsmall, Cindy
11/13/2017 Christmas at Carnton [large print]
Alexander, Tamera
11/13/2017 The tusk that did the damage [large print]
James, Tania
11/10/2017 Winter wishes [large print]
11/10/2017 The usual Santas [large print] : a collection of Soho crime Christmas capers
11/07/2017 The rooster bar [large print]
Grisham, John
11/06/2017 Faithful : Christmas through the eyes of Joseph [large print]
11/06/2017 Christmas gifts that won't break [large print]:
11/03/2017 Haunted [large print]
Patterson, James
11/02/2017 Hillbilly elegy [large print] : a memoir of a family and culture in crisis
Vance, J D
10/31/2017 Doniphan's thousand : a western story [large print]
Savage, Les
10/31/2017 Merry and bright [large print] : a novel
Macomber, Debbie
10/30/2017 These healing hills [large print]
Gabhart, Ann H
10/30/2017 This nettle danger [large print]
Raine, William MacLeod
10/30/2017 The unquiet grave [large print]
McCrumb, Sharyn
10/30/2017 The woman who couldn't scream [large print]
Dodd, Christina
10/30/2017 Dead, to begin with
Crider, Bill
10/30/2017 A twist in time [large print]
McElwain, Julie
10/30/2017 Hard rain
Daniels, B J
10/30/2017 The witches' tree : an Agatha Raisin mystery [large print]
Beaton, M C
10/30/2017 Haunted [large print]
Patterson, James
10/30/2017 Indian summer [large print]
Willett, Marcia
10/30/2017 Home all along [large print]
Wiseman, Beth
10/30/2017 Ghost on the case [large print]
Hart, Carolyn G
10/30/2017 Glow of death [large print]
Cleland, Jane K
10/30/2017 All she left behind [large print]
Kirkpatrick, Jane
10/30/2017 Red Clark o' Tulluco [large print]
10/30/2017 The saboteur [large print]
Gross, Andrew
10/30/2017 Hawke's prey [large print]
Wortham, Reavis Z
10/30/2017 The Jensen brand [large print]
Johnstone, William W
10/30/2017 Reckoning at Lansing's Ferry [large print]
Paine, Lauran
10/30/2017 My daughter's legacy [large print]
Clark, Mindy Starns
10/30/2017 The cat sitter and the canary [large print]
Clement, Blaize
10/27/2017 Chasing Christmas eve [large print]
Shalvis, Jill
10/24/2017 A legacy of spies [large print]
Le Carré, John
10/24/2017 Don't let go [large print]
Coben, Harlan
10/23/2017 The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks [large print]
Skloot, Rebecca
10/20/2017 A column of fire [large print]
Follett, Ken
10/20/2017 Blackout [large print]
Elsberg, Marc
10/20/2017 An echo of murder [large print]
Perry, Anne
10/20/2017 Second chance girl [large print]
Mallery, Susan
10/20/2017 Collared [large print]
Rosenfelt, David
10/20/2017 Before everything [large print]
Redel, Victoria
10/20/2017 Killing England [large print] : the brutal struggle for American independence
O'Reilly, Bill
10/20/2017 Lightning men [large print]
Mullen, Thomas
10/20/2017 Holly and Ivy [large print]
Michaels, Fern
10/20/2017 The bookshop at Water's End [large print]
Henry, Patti Callahan
10/20/2017 Sleep like a baby [large print]
Harris, Charlaine
10/20/2017 Wicked deeds [large print]
Graham, Heather
10/20/2017 The summer that made us [large print]
Carr, Robyn
10/20/2017 Manhattan Beach [large print]
Egan, Jennifer
10/20/2017 Enigma [large print]
Coulter, Catherine
10/20/2017 The stolen marriage [large print]
Chamberlain, Diane
10/20/2017 The Cuban affair [large print]
DeMille, Nelson
10/20/2017 The vineyard
Dueñas, María
10/20/2017 The heirs [large print]
Rieger, Susan
10/20/2017 Hanna who fell from the sky [large print]
Meades, Christopher
10/20/2017 To be where you are [large print]
Karon, Jan
10/20/2017 The lost letter [large print]
Cantor, Jillian
10/20/2017 Vector [large print]
Abel, James
10/20/2017 Standard deviation [large print]
Heiny, Katherine
10/20/2017 Sourdough [large print]
Sloan, Robin
10/19/2017 The Christmas blessing [large print]
Carlson, Melody