New Items Added in Last 30 Days
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Date AddedTitleAuthor
11/16/2017 Meaning of life [sound recording]
Clarkson, Kelly
11/16/2017 Wake up call [sound recording]
Theory of a Deadman (Musical group)
11/16/2017 The lonely, the lonesome & the gone [sound recording]
Womack, Lee Ann
11/16/2017 Black notes from the deep [sound recording]
Pine, Courtney
11/15/2017 Flicker [sound recording]
Horan, Niall
11/15/2017 Take it like a man [sound recording]
White, Jim
11/15/2017 Just the beginning [sound recording]
VanderWaal, Grace
11/15/2017 The big chill : soundtrack : music from and inspired by [sound recording]
11/15/2017 The get down : original soundtrack from the Netflix original series [sound recording]
11/15/2017 Groundhog Day : the musical : original Broadway cast recording [sound recording]
Minchin, Tim
11/15/2017 The Vietnam War : the soundtrack : featuring iconic music of the Vietnam era [sound recording]
11/15/2017 Cold dark place [sound recording]
Mastodon (Musical group)
11/15/2017 Wide awake [sound recording]
Parachute (Musical group)
11/15/2017 Timeless [sound recording]
Home Free (Musical group)
11/15/2017 Anthology : through the years [sound recording]
Petty, Tom
11/15/2017 Unapologetically [sound recording]
Ballerini, Kelsea
11/15/2017 With you in mind : the songs of Allen Toussaint [sound recording]
11/15/2017 Anastasia : the new Broadway musical : original Broadway cast recording [sound recording]
Flaherty, Stephen
11/15/2017 Losing sleep [sound recording]
Parachute (Musical group)
11/15/2017 Three for three [sound recording]
Moreno, Mike
11/15/2017 Come from away : a new musical : original Broadway cast musical [sound recording]
Sankoff, Irene
11/15/2017 Human [sound recording]
Rag'n'Bone Man
11/15/2017 Verisimilitude [sound recording]
Sorey, Tyshawn
11/15/2017 Pawn shop [sound recording]
Brothers Osborne (Musical group)
11/15/2017 Sinatra & Jobim @ 50 [sound recording]
Pizzarelli, John
11/13/2017 Step forward [sound recording]
Mercy River (Musical group)
11/10/2017 Natasha, Pierre & the great comet of 1812 : original Broadway cast recording [sound recording]
Malloy, Dave
11/10/2017 Grace [sound recording]
Wright, Lizz
11/10/2017 Nashville sessions, the duets. Vol. 1 [sound recording]
Stewart, David A
11/10/2017 Echo in the valley [sound recording]
Fleck, Béla
11/10/2017 Bringin' it [sound recording]
McBride, Christian
11/10/2017 The source [sound recording]
Allen, Tony
11/08/2017 Under the streetlight [sound recording]
Boyz II Men (Musical group)
11/08/2017 Playboi Carti [sound recording]
Playboi Carti
11/08/2017 Tom Petty, greatest hits [sound recording]
Petty, Tom
11/08/2017 The best of the Moody Blues [sound recording]
Moody Blues (Musical group)
11/08/2017 Jean-Michel Bernard plays Lalo Schifrin [sound recording]
Bernard, Jean-Michel
11/08/2017 Beyond borders [sound recording]
Cook, Jesse
11/08/2017 When was the last time [sound recording]
Rucker, Darius
11/08/2017 Into the great wide open [sound recording]
Petty, Tom
11/08/2017 The Moody Blues gold [sound recording]
Moody Blues (Musical group)
11/08/2017 Memphis ... yes, I'm ready [sound recording]
Bridgewater, Dee Dee
11/08/2017 Open book [sound recording]
Hersch, Fred
11/08/2017 Uptown, downtown [sound recording]
11/08/2017 Long after dark [sound recording]
Petty, Tom
11/08/2017 Full moon fever [sound recording].
Petty, Tom
11/08/2017 Mr. Davis [sound recording]
Gucci Mane
11/08/2017 Heaven upside down [sound recording]
Marilyn Manson (Musical group)
11/08/2017 Our point of view [sound recording]
Blue Note All-Stars (Musical group)
11/07/2017 The passion of Charlie Parker [sound recording]
Parker, Charlie
11/07/2017 Music. Volume 1 [sound recording]
Alpert, Herb
11/02/2017 Ogilala [sound recording]
Corgan, Billy
11/02/2017 Dreams and daggers [sound recording]
Salvant, Cécile McLorin
11/02/2017 Harmony of difference [sound recording]
Washington, Kamasi
11/02/2017 Scream [sound recording]
Jackson, Michael
11/02/2017 Carry fire [sound recording]
Plant, Robert
11/02/2017 The mugician [sound recording]
Harrold, Keyon
11/02/2017 Cerulean canvas [sound recording]
Irby, Sherman
11/02/2017 Love rides a dark horse [sound recording]
Landry, Gill
11/02/2017 Someone to watch over me [sound recording]
Fitzgerald, Ella
11/02/2017 Familia : tribute to Bebo + Chico [sound recording]
O'Farrill, Arturo
11/02/2017 The adventures of Zodd Zundgren [sound recording]
Palermo, Ed
11/02/2017 Lotta sea lice [sound recording]
Barnett, Courtney
11/02/2017 Handful of keys [sound recording]
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
10/27/2017 Masseduction [sound recording]
St Vincent
10/27/2017 All in [sound recording]
West, Matthew
10/27/2017 Southern blood [sound recording]
Allman, Gregg
10/27/2017 Warmer in the winter [sound recording]
Stirling, Lindsey
10/27/2017 Gun shy [sound recording]
Wertz, Matt
10/27/2017 It's finally Christmas [sound recording]
Casting Crowns (Musical group)
10/26/2017 Add violence [sound recording]
Nine Inch Nails (Musical group)
10/26/2017 Colors [sound recording]
10/25/2017 Wide open [sound recording]
Weaves (Musical group)
10/25/2017 Bidin' my time [sound recording]
Hillman, Chris
10/25/2017 Wow hits. 2018 : 30 of today's top Christian artists & hits [sound recording]
10/24/2017 Louie Louie Louie [sound recording]
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Musical group)
10/23/2017 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [sound recording].
10/23/2017 Something beautiful [sound recording]
Smith, Jordan
10/23/2017 As you were [sound recording]
Gallagher, Liam
10/23/2017 In
Harrison, Dhani
10/23/2017 Sleep well beast [sound recording]
National (Musical group)
10/23/2017 The planets [sound recording]
Holst, Gustav
10/23/2017 Natural [sound recording]
Bradley, Cindy
10/23/2017 Wide open [sound recording]
McDonald, Michael
10/23/2017 Around the horn [sound recording]
Braun, Rick
10/23/2017 The storm [sound recording]
Ward, ZZ
10/23/2017 Hitchhiker [sound recording]
Young, Neil
10/23/2017 Savage [sound recording]